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Targeted Micro Sites
We use hundreds of targeted micro websites to reach deep into the internet using targeted keywords. While our competitors all compete for the same tired group of micro cap investor themes, we go the harder but more rewarding route. Instead of only targeting the popular keyword themes to find investors, Targeted IR uses thousands of more targeted but less popular keyword themes that our competitors don't bother with. This is a missed opportunity finally found and conquered. We can do this because of our propriety internet software that took years to design and build. It enables us to create and manage such large amounts of data and websites previously determined as impossible. Years of work are now paying off for us and most importantly, our clients.

Micro Cap Education Sites
Our network consists of 4 powerful sales page websites that attract and retain the email addresses of active and interested penny stock investors. On top of that, the sales pages efficiently create paid subscribers who are even more interested in the stocks we recommend.

Targeted IR Network Websites:

There are over 25,000 free signups and 2600+ paid subscribers with an open rate between 20-30% weekly.

Bingo Atlas
Poker Upper
Sports Bests
Casinos Promos

The Targeted IR Network

Additional Advertising Channels:

Newsletter Following

Targeted IR has amassed a strong following of active, interested penny stock investors. There are now more than 250,000 free signup emails and 26,000 paid subscriber emails in our database. These investors know our brands, open up our newsletters are extraordinary rates (between 20-30% on average each week) and trade the stocks we recommend. Using our efficient and effective sales page websites, we reign in the most active online penny stock investors. That's the difference between an investor list with no brand and our lists and our results.
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